If you follow me on twitter you may (or may not) have seen my little outburst in defence of Robin Williams and all sufferers of depression and mental illnesses after hearing the offensive and inappropriate opinions of a radio presenter called Alan Brazil.

For those of you who haven’t heard what…

You know Hachi. I can no longer be the hero in your story, but the name of the heroine in my story is still Nana. The super cute Nana. You.

"- Un quart cassis, un quart citron, et un carambar… Et tu shakes, et tu shakes, et tu shakes.
- Et c’est tout ?
- Nan, tu re shakes.
- Mais ça fait pas quatre quarts !
- Et alors? T’es barman, pas pâtissier !"
— Brice de nice


Nemo Nobody

Sasha, I’ve decided it’s time to take this thing public. You, me, us.


I’m not even gonna try and not swear in this post because this entire thing with Carrie’s DMC in the 401 show is so fucking dumb I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what is going on. People are so damn wrapped around this “victim blaming” crap that you see it wherever you fucking go and in…